High Accuracy / High Speed Linear Actuators for Precision Automation and Nanopositioning

High Speed, High Precision Direct Drive Linear Actuators

High Speed ActuatorsDirect Drive, Fast High Speed Actuators, High Precision, High Accuracy
Screw-Type Actuators


Flexure Actuators

Low-Cost Steppers

Linear Tables

Piezo Linear Stacks


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High Precision Actuators and High Speed Linear Actuators are used in automation and nanopositioning applications in industries such as: Bio-Nanotechnology, Semiconductor Test & Manufacturing; Medical Engineering; Lasers, Optics, Microscopy; Aerospace Engineering; Precision Machining; Astronomy and Microsystems Technology. PI is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance, precision actuators and direct drive positioning systems with accuracy levels down to the nanometer realm and below.

Motorized Linear Actuator / Pusher Brochure from PI miCos

Currently 6 different Classes of Actuators are Offered: